Biography » Zorica Nikolić
Dr. Zorica Nikolić, Principal Research Fellow. Her work at the Institute started in 1994 as a Research Assistant on determining genetic purity and identification of hybrids. In 2000 she received her MSc degree and in 2002 her PhD degree. For Research Associate she was appointed in 2004, for Senior Research Associate in 2008 and for Principal Research Fellow in 2011. She actively participated in the establishment and equipping of the Laboratory for modern molecular methods and their practical application in seed quality testing, the introduction and development of various methods for determining the presence of genetically modified organisms. In 2010 she was appointed Head of Seed Testing Laboratory. She authored and co-authored 136 papers. She is a member of International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), workgroup for molecular markers application of International Seed Federation, National Council for Biological Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the Council of the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. She had a number of study trips and trainings in the country and abroad.
Zorica Nikolić