Biography » Mirjana Vasić
Dr. Mirjana Vasić, Principal Research Fellow. Her employment at the Institute started in 1983 when she was appointed for an assistant in scientific research on vegetable selection. She received her MSc degree in 1991 and her PhD degree in 2000 on Genetics and Plant Breeding. In 2011 she was appointed for Principal Research Fellow. She works on grain legumes for human nutrition, firstly on green beans and pea, and some other, rarely cultivated vegetable species. She is engaged in genetic resources, cultivar creation and seed production, as well as ecology education and bio-gardening. She participated in 9 international and more than 20 national projects, where she coordinated 4 national and was coordinator for Serbia in international projects. Until today, she has managed experimental work and has been in committee of three master and two doctoral dissertations. She published two monographs, over 270 research and large number of technical papers and newspaper articles. She authored 10 beans and green beans cultivars, and some of them are released and grown abroad.
Mirjana Vasić