Biography » Janoš Berenji
Dr. Janoš J. Berenji, Senior Research Associate, Department Head since 1990, with a short break in 2012–2013, when he worked at the General Affairs as Public Relations Coordinator. He received his MSc in 1985, and PhD in 1990, was appointed Senior Research Associate in 1997, in the field of Plant Breeding – sorghum breeding and seed production (broomcorn, grain sorghum), millet (common millet, foxtail millet (Setaria Italica), foxtail millet (Setaria Italica subsp. maxima), alpia, buckwheat), hemp, common tobacco plant and pumpkin. He authored 286 research and technical papers, participated in 21 research projects either as project counselor or coordinator, authored or co-authored 27 cultivars of agricultural plants.
Janoš Berenji