About » Vegetables department

Vegetable Department was established in 1946 as Vegetable Section of the Provincial Department for Agricultural Research in Novi Sad. This section was transformed into Vegetable Department in 1962 within Institute for Agricultural Research, and in 1976 it became one of the organizational units of Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops.
Large number of vegetable species is a characteristic of Vegetable Department.
Scientific research includes development of new vegetable cultivars and hybrids, and creation of growing technology and plant protection. Basic and applied research is conducted through national and technological projects involving main vegetable species. Over 50 cultivars and hybrids of 13 different vegetable species with various production and usage purposes have been released so far.
The program of scientific research in Vegetable Department includes the following:

  1. Vegetable breeding
    • Development of high-yielding genotypes of pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, watermelon, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, radish, pea, bean and string bean
  2. Vegetable seed production and processing
    • Production of basic and commercial seed of 27 vegetable species (production organization, monitoring, approval)
    • Seed processing, packaging and marketing
  3. Vegetable growing technology
    • Determination of optimal cultivation practices, choice of cultivars, fertilization, seeding and planting dates, and plant protection
  4. Fundamental research
    • Conducting research regarding vegetable genetics, cytogenetics, physiology of growth and development.
  5. Transfer of scientific achievements into practice
    • Cooperation with vegetable producers aiming at creation of growing technology and plant protection.
    • Education of vegetable producers.

Vegetable Department maintains a fruitful cooperation with national and international institutions, and especially with vegetable producers from public and private sector through various contracts, lectures, seminars, and certain forms of joint seed production.