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Numerous generations of the learned have long aspired to establish a scientific agricultural facility in Bački Petrovac near Novi Sad. Their dream came true in 1952. Among the enthusiasts mostly dedicated to fulfilling this dream, one particularly stood out - engineer Mihal Husar. Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity Department (previously Hops, Sorghum and Medicinal Plants Department) has been an integral part of Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad since its establishment.

The basic feature of this Department is improvement of alternative plant species which are grown on relatively small areas but are labour-intensive. These species, however, yield more per area unit than classic crops such as maize, wheat, sunflower, etc. and at the same time provide diversity to our agricultural production.

There are 5 technical staff members and 6 university-educated employees in the Department, 4 of which hold a PhD. Their efforts are supported by field hands (9 full-time employees and 5-7 seasonal employees).