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Oil Crops Department of Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops conducts scientific research program of developing and utilizing sunflower and oilseed rape genetic potential. Total of 338 hybrids developed at Oil Crops Department have been released so far, including jointly developed hybrids in cooperation with various foreign companies and institutes. In Serbia, 58 sunflower hybrids and 8 oilseed rape cultivars developed in Oil Crops Department have been released.

Oil Crops Department maintains its gene bank which consists of over 7,000 inbred sunflower lines created from different genetic sources, a rich collection of cultivar and local populations, circa 900 wild sunflower species accessions and several interspecies hybrids. Oil Crops Department owns contemporary biotechnological, cytogenetical and other laboratories, as well as a modern seed processing centre.

The main research program at Oil Crops Department is sunflower breeding. Based on market demands and available genetic variability of sunflower in Serbia and in the world, the following are developed:

Sunflower Research
  • Hybrids with high seed and oil yield, resistant to dominant deseases, insects and drought;
  • Productive hybrids with diverse oil qualities;
  • Hybrids resistant to various herbicides;
  • Productive confectionery hybrids with increased protein content;
  • Special-purpose hybrids for poultry and bird feed;
  • Decorative sunflower.

Oilseed rape breeding includes development of productive cultivars and hybrids which are eruca-acid free and have a low content of glucosinolates, and are also resistant to diseases and insects. The first oilseed rape hybrids have been developed. Besides breeding programs, we also deal with production and processing of parent lines and hybrids, cultivation practices, biotechnology, physiological research, cytogenetics, application of molecular markers and tissue culture method, etc.

NS sunflower hybrids are grown on over 3 milion hectares worldwide, and are present in Serbia, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Russia, India and many other countries. Institute is an unprecedented leader with a 30% market share in Ukraine, where over 3 milion hectares are grown in total. Institute is also a market leader in France due to joint hybrids programs with our partners.

Oil Crops Department takes most pride in its powerful research team comprising 32 university-educated staff members, 12 of which hold a PhD and 6 with MSc who successfully transfer scientific achievements into agricultural practise, aiming at better results in the world of science as well as at all world markets.