About » Forage crops department

The basic activities in Forage Crops Department are breeding, seed production and processing, growing technology and fundamental reseach on forage crops. Forage Crops Department gives advice to producers in direct contact and through organized lectures across Serbia, mostly during winter time.

Scientific research on forage crops began with the establishment of Agricultural Experimental Station in Novi Sad in 1938. After World War II, the research carried on within Department for Plant Production and Breeding, and finally in 1976 within Forage Crops Department. Responsible and successful previous department heads were prof. Milenko Lazić (1946-1979), prof. dr Dragan Đukić (1980 and 1983), prof. dr Borivoje Mišković (1981-1982), dr Miladin Miladinović (1983-1989) and prof. dr Pero Erić (1989-1995).

Dr. Vojislav Mihailović has been the Head of this Department since 1995.

Employees (number and structure):
5 researchers
3 external researchers
2 technical associates
13 technicians
Total…23 employees