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As Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad continually grew and developed new cultivars, there arose a need to multiply seed material and produce basic seed. Law on nationalisation enabled a field complex in Rimski Šančevi to be created in 1946, which formed a part of Experimental Fields titled "UM Field I".

Early in the 1950s, Matica srpska granted a land piece in Čenej to the Institute, and in 1960s Institute exchanged this with Čenej company "25.maj" for land piece titled "Forgač" (field previously owned by Bena Forgač) which helped create another organizational unit of the Institute titled Experimental Fields covering 670 ha at Rimski Šančevi.

Seed processing and storing facilities were built at "Polje I", as well as animal production facilities, which were in operation until 1986. When agricultural machines were introduced in agricultural production process, a machine workshop was formed, which was later moved to its current location at "Forgač" in 1960, together with all the machines and the management.

Experimental Field employs 44 full-time staff members, including two with a university degree, 5 junior college degrees, 35 vocational high-school degrees and two qualified workers.