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UNEP – Partnerships for soil preservation

It is our pleasure to present the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – our partner in organizing this event and celebrating the International Year of Soils 2015.

UNEP voices the environmental concerns within the United Nations system and works globally, regionally and locally. In Serbia, UNEP works closely with the Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection on the important project that will for the first time tackle the issue of soil degradation and its consequences on the national level. This project, titled „Enhanced cross-sectoral land management through land use pressure reduction and planning“ is the initiative to take urgent and comprehensive measures to preserve the soils: influencing the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, reinforcing the institutional capacities, development of partnerships for joint actions and raising awareness on the integral and sustainable soil management.

The main project goal is to alleviate the pressure on the soil as a natural resource from competitive soil uses, through preventing further soil degradation and promoting soil remediation in the Republic of Serbia, to develop the instruments and mechanisms for integrated soil use and management, and to advance the managing capacities.

By promoting sustainable soil management, this project will affect the decrease of soil loss and consequences of harmful effects due to industrial, mining and power-production activities, and various forms of soil pollution. In this way, the soil productivity will increase, and the project will also contribute towards environmental protection, alleviate the pressure on the natural eco-systems, and improve biodiversity protection.

Sustainability of the project results will benefit the Serbian bid for accession to the European Union and compliance within international frameworks.

We are honoured to welcome UNEP representatives at the scientific and professional event „Sustainable soil use”, and to hear UNEP project manager in Serbia Pier Carlo Sandei present this project – the ideas and activities which will support and aid sustainable soil use.

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