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Soil Calling

A short piece on soil awakening (Soil Soul)

“We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot”

Leonardo da Vinci

Soil calling photo– Earth, this is soil calling. Earth, this is soil calling. Terrans, do you read us?

– Yes, we read you loud and clear, Soil, please identify yourself. What’s the mission and where do you come from?

– We don’t come from anywhere. We’re right here, under your feet. Maybe you didn’t read us clearly – it is soil calling! The soil under you, copy that? We need your urgent assistance! Do you understand that, Terrans?

– Affirmative, the lines are clear and you sound as if we were in the same room, but we don’t understand. Wait, please hold (there were voices coming from background: „What do you mean – soil? Who are these people kidding? Did you hear that? Soil calling! As though it were alive, I can’t believe these people!“ “But, boss“, a voice said, „Maybe soil really needs our help?“„So?! How are we supposed to help it?“).

– Soil, do you still read us? How can we help you? And can you identify yourself more precisely? You’re holding the frequency, and making jokes with us is a serious offence…

– Terrans, there is no time. Please, promptly warn all inhabitants of the earth that we are in danger and need assistance. Soon enough we’ll be unable to supply all your needs, and by then, it will have been too late to react. Take a look under your feet when you walk. Step out of your cars, press your finger into the soil, place it under a microscope, and then put your thinking cap on. Gather all experts and scientists, leaders, farmers, media representatives, citizens, all sights and minds, all knowledge and conscience, and then contact us at this frequency, if we are still here.

The Terrans in the control room were baffled at first, and so was everybody else this news had reached. If this was not a joke, did it mean that thing under them was alive?! Panic struck soon after. Up until that moment, threats had always originated from the outside: north, south, west or east….  What was that?! Was soil threatening them? How was that possible? For the first time in history, all the armies of the world united; experts, state and military leaders gathered; it flared up the media and triggered public debates on social networks; the richest were buying tickets in non-existent shuttles to non-existent Earth stations; and the wildest of all, fearing that somebody was pulling a rug from under their feet, started digging underground survival shelters in their gardens, next to their houses.

How do you think this turmoil ended? Did Terrans stop to observe the soil under their feet? Did they give it a thought? How would a movie dealing with this topic end? A script of a blockbuster would surely have Terrans overcome all the differences, unite, and come to the solution. But in a different kind of movie, most people would turn their heads and never look back, until the end of the world. It’s something like Hollywood vs. independent movie production.

I don’t want to belong to the majority of people. This is my way of offering a small contribution to the International Year of Soil. I wish to join those who use conscience, knowledge, talent and skills, to spread the word on how to preserve the soil which feeds us for future generations who will live on it.


Vlastimira Stanković – journalist, PR, blogger, but above all, a Terran 

P.S. Terrans from Serbia also joined in. This is their frequency.

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