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Successful audit in Laboratory for soil and agroecology

Sertifikat o akreditaciji (2014-2018)Laboratory for soil and agroecology was successfully audited on 16 July 2015 by the Accreditation body of Serbia (ATS) according to the standard SRPS/IEC 17025:2006. ATS was assured of the Laboratory quality system through documentation inspection and monitoring testing methods from the accreditation scope, relating to testing samples of soils, pesticides and fertilizers.

Laboratory’s accreditation scope includes testing soils, groundwater and surface water and aqueous soil extracts, pesticides, plant material, fertilizers and tobacco.

Successful audit confirms that the Laboratory for soil and Agroecology meets the prescribed requirements for accreditation, and is competent to perform tests from its accreditation scope, which contributes to the reliability and objectivity of results. Laboratory was first accredited in 2001.

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