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Participation at the 16th EWAC-EUCARPIA Cereals Section International Conference

Foto 01Dr. Ankica Kondić Špika and MSc. Dragana Trkulja from Biotechnology Department of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops participated at the 16th EWAC-EUCARPIA Cereals Section International Conference, held in Lublin, Poland on 24-29 May 2015. The conference was organized by two renowned international organizations: EWAC – The European Cereals Genetics Co-operative and EUCARPIA Cereals Section.

Forty-eight participants from 12 European countries attended the Conference, as well as participants from Korea, Mexico and Morocco. The Conference was presided by Dr. Andreas Boerner and was organized in five sections covering different areas of research on wheat and other small grains: 1. EWAC – The story of successful cooperation, 2. Genetic Diversity vs. Plant Breeding, 3. Trait evaluation and genetic mapping, 4. Wheat initiative, and 5. Wide crosses, physiology and adaptation.

Ankica Kondic SpikaThe first speaker was Professor Colin Law, one of the EWAC founders and a pioneer in wheat aneuploids. We were honoured to meet this esteemed researcher and hear his thoughts on the current issues and challenges in wheat breeding. Outstanding expert speakers helped define the solutions to the current problems, such as global climatic change, decrease of arable areas, increase of food production, etc.

Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops was mentioned in several presentations as one of the institutions that made significant contribution to the development of EWAC and actively participated in the creation and use of aneuploidy collections in wheat genetic research. Prominent Professors Stevan Petrović, Slavko Borojević i Katarina Borojević, former researchers of the Institute, gained international recognition for their work and contributions to the science.

Dragana TrkuljaCurrent wheat research carried out at the Institute was explained in two oral presentations – “Importance of flowering time loci for NS wheat breeding program” and „Interactive effects of water and salt stress on wheat growth and productivity under greenhouse condition“. Additionally, one poster presentation was given – “Genotyping and linkage analysis of wheat experimental populations using KASP platform”, which is the result of cooperation with John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK, within the FP7 project “Genetics and Physiology of wheat development to flowering: Tools to bread for improved adaptation and yield potential (ADAPTAWHEAT)”.

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