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Participation in COST Action FA1306

COST FA1306COST Action FA1306 titled: “The quest for tolerant varieties – Phenotyping at plant and cellular level”, officially stated on 22 May 2014. Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops was invited to participate in the project by our long-term collaborator Prof. Dr. Imre Vass from the Biological Research Centre (BRC) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Project leader Prof. Dr. Sebastien Carpentier from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering KU Leuven (Belgium) fully supported our participation which became official on 26 September 2014.

COST Action FA1306 deals with plant tolerance to stress on all levels – from cellular to the whole plant. This project will create a network of European researchers from the fields of phenotyping, physiology and various -omics technologies, aiming at (re)discovering tolerant cultivars and general better understanding of tolerance as a phenomenon. Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops is joined by Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade on this task. Dr. Ankica Kondić Špika coordinates the project activities at the Institute, leads her team of researchers and represents Serbia at the Management Committee (MC) of this Action. Prof. Dr. Radmila Stikić coordinates her team and research carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Participation in this COST Action will facilitate closer international cooperation, transfer of knowledge and experience among colleagues from different countries. It will also enable our inclusion in prospective consortia and new project proposals for Horizon 2020, as well as other projects financed by the EC. Besides this, it will significantly contribute to comprehanding the complex phenomenon of plant tolerance and implementing new knowledge and achievements into plant breeding.

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