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Agricultural Congress of Balkans countries in Turkey

Agribalkan kongres 2014

Balkan agricultural congress (AgriBalkan) with more than 700 participants from all Balkan countries and quite a few participants from Asian and African continent was held in the period 08–10 September 2014 in Edirne, Turkey.

Dr. Vladimir Miklič held a lecture on the first day as a visiting lecturer. On that occasion, the Institute received a free stand to introduce its production assortment. The host of the stand, Aleksandar Vojisavljević, held many meetings with current and potential partners who showed a great interest in our production assortment, especially for cultivars and hybrids of sunflower, maize, forage crops and small grains. Balkan seed workshop was held on the last day of the Congress, and on that occasion development of the Balkan Seed Association was announced.

This occasion was also used to review and evaluate trials of our sunflower hybrids nearby.

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