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The Institute participated in agricultural forum in Saratov “VolgaAgro – 2014″

Poseta Rusiji 2014.

International agricultural forum “VolgaAgro – 2014″ was held in Saratov, Russia on 3 July  2014. Representatives of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Vladimir Strugar – Assistant Director for Commerce, Dr. Sandra Cvejić – Research Associate on sunflower breeding, and Dragana Savin – Russian language teacher, were participants of the forum. Dr. Sandra Cvejić presented the work of the Institute and achievements in sunflower breeding. She spoke on Institute’s establishment, development, its laboratories, Oil Crops Department, sunflower breeding program and methods of solving problems that arise during sunflower cultivation.

Poseta Rusiji 2014.
Institute’s presentation was very prominent and experts and researchers approached with questions about Institute, sunflower production, treating diseases, ecological ways of cultivation etc.

Participation in the forum was initiated by business partner from Russian company Himstar headquartered in Moscow, CEO Vladislav Sokolovič and Dr. Aleksandar Šarahovu, as well as Valerij Šamanov from Saratov. During the stay in Saratov, several business negotiations about directions for future cooperation were held with Russian business partner.

The forum was organised with the support of Saratov Ministry of Agriculture as an international agricultural forum with representatives of the major agricultural and trade corporations from Russia and foreign countries, as well as agricultural experts from many Russian areas, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Scotland and Serbia.

Within lectures and presentations at the forum participants discussed indicators of successful production, as well as growing technologies, oil crops primarily, while organisation of agricultural production in climate zone of Volga region and reduced production risks were emphasized.

NS SEME » The Institute participated in agricultural forum in Saratov “VolgaAgro – 2014″