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NS SEED donated the most to flooded areas

dr Jegor Miladinović, direktor Instituta

Dr. Jegor Miladinović, director of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, donated seeds and seed materials for 8,000 ha arable land in the flooded areas in Serbia.

Ten companies donated seed for reseeding fields damaged in floods, and the largest donation came from Institute, that is 40% of the material donated by these companies.

“In a situation which we had few weeks before, social function of the Institute became apparent when we made seed of early sunflower and maize hybrids, as well as soybean cultivars available to the government in a total quantity needed to sow 8,000 ha. Also, our experts were available, visited flooded areas, participated in damage evaluation and gave advice”, said Dr. Miladinović for local newspapers.

He believes that autumn crops will be sown under normal conditions, and that all the damage will be compensated in the following spring.

“For as much as the man tries to destroy the nature by his disregard for environment, nature is still resilient and self-sustaining”, said Miladinović.

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