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15th EWAC-Eucarpia Cereals Section Conference

Institute is hosting
the 15th EWAC-Eucarpia Cereals Section Conference
in Novi Sad, Serbia, November 7-11, 2011

You can see photos from the conference on our Facebook page:
15th EWAC-Eucarpia Cereals Section Conference
15th EWAC Conference – more photos

15th EWAC-Eucarpia Cereals Section Conference:

Prof.dr Borislav Kobiljski, director of the Institute, about the conference:

Prof.dr Borislav Kobiljski:
After 40 years – this conference, which was practically born here, is returned to Novi Sad.
This is a gathering of the best scientific workers, a set of people who do world-class science, and we are the hosts of this 15th conference.
This meeting, which brought together top guest speakers from 20 countries, from almost all countries of Europe, but also US, Canada, Australia and several other countries outside the European continent.
The goal of this conference is exchange of ideas and sharing of results of our scientific work.
Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, a leader in the field of biotechnology, has participated, for more than seven decades, in many activities in the world of knowledge, so the essence of this conference is for us to be able to catch up with the latest scientific developments.
We have the distinct pleasure to be here with the crème de la crème of small grains science, also breeding, biotechnology, and modern research – and of course the opportunity to work together with colleagues from around the world, creating new projects, new collaborations and in a way – to improve the potential of breeding programs in the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad.

Professor John Snape, about cooperation with the Institute and the significance of this conference:

Professor John Snape
Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops is well known around the world for the excellent research in breeding and genetics that goes on. I have cooperated with the Institute for more than 25 years because of the excellent science and excellent breeding work that goes on. This conference is an opportunity to come back to discuss with colleagues in Serbia and all over the world, particularly from Europe, because this is a European conference, and, as my colleague said, from US, from Australia and from Mexico.

Dr. Zoltán Bedő, EUCARPIA association chair, Serbia’s role in the field of breeding:

Dr. Zoltán Bedő:
This European Plant Breeders Association is actively working in the field of collaboration of the European plant breeders and we are very glad that the Yugoslav and Serbian plant breeders, that is, former Yugoslav and actually the Serbian plant breeders take part very actively in this international collaboration. We have altogether 11 different scientific sections and one of the most important is the cereal section where cereal genetical and plant breeding activities is carried on. I am very glad to be here in Novi Sad because Novi Sad is really a center of Central Europe and the whole European continent in this respect, in the genetical research and also developing of new plant varieties. The collaboration between the European plant breeders and the Serbian plant breeders has a big tradition and I think, I am sure, I am convinced that it has big future.

Dr. Andreas Börner, conference chair, about the conference:

Dr. Andreas Börner
We are very glad to be here, to have the EWAC conference. EWAC was founded in 1967, however, the idea was born in 1966 here in Novi Sad, to create such cooperation. Now we have already the 15th conference and people are here from all over Europe, but also from the USA, from Mexico and from Australia. And so, we are very pleased to be here and we are looking forward to do this scientific conference here, in Novi Sad, at this place where breeding is done for many, many decades.

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