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Award “Best of Serbia”

dr Vladimir Miklič i dr Siniša JocićDuring the ceremony organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications and daily economic newspaper “Economic Review” awards were given to the most successful brands on the Serbian market at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade on April 9, 2014, as part of the tenth anniversary of “Best of Serbia”.

The „Best of Serbia“ was awarded to 23 of total 175 brands that competed in the campaign for 2013 in 25 categories. Also, two special awards were given for the best merchandise and corporate brand over the past decade.Based on voting results of consumers and experts, market and financial parameters and the expert jury, our Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops won the first place with the sunflower hybrid Sumo 1 PR in the category of “Productive Assets and Business Services”. The jury that decided on the winners in this year’s selection of “Best of Serbia 2013” consisted of the following members: Željko Serić, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Rasim Ljajić and Igor Mirović, ministers of trade and economy, Stanislava Pak, Advisor of the President of Serbia for media, Stipe Lovreta and Saša Veljković, professors of Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Vera Vida, president of the Consumer Centre of Serbia, and others. Over 4,000 consumers voted via Internet for their favourite brands, which is 33% more than last year, while 165 representatives of business and professional community voted through surveys.

As one of the authors of hybrid Sumo 1 PR, which is the result of teamwork of Oil Crops Department, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad, Dr. Siniša Jocić, expressed great pleasure and honour to the people outside the Institute who recognized the value of this hybrid. Sumo 1 PR is the latest generation sunflower hybrid, tolerant to tribenuron-metyl, allowing easier control of broadleaved weeds, even creeping thistle. Head of Oil Crops Department, Dr. Vladimir Miklič, proudly pointed out that considering that ten years ago hybrid Rimi within Clearfield technology won the award “Best of Vojvodina”, when we were the first in Europe, this award is the confirmation of Institute’s innovative work continuation, and now specifically teamwork of the Oil Crops Department. He also emphasized that this hybrid is already being sold abroad and in our country, and the fact that it is present on nearly one million hectares confirms its quality. This award is a proof that investing time and energy in developing this hybrid was worthwhile.

Aim of this competition was to encourage the creation of quality Serbian products, promote best merchandise and corporate brands in Serbia, strengthen their market position and give confidence to consumers and partners in our country and abroad. Encouraging the development of strong brands improves competitiveness of domestic economy, increases the visibility of goods labelled “Made in Serbia” and facilitates breakthrough of our companies to international market.

By gaining this recognition, we have acquired the right to use sign of this competition as a symbol of quality and trust of consumers and business partners.

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