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Good Experimental Practice (GEP) Guidelines Confirmation

Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops received Confirmation on Good Experimental Practice (GEP) Guidelines Management from the Plant Protection Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia on March 5, 2014. This means that efficiency testing of plant protection products which are to be registered, and developmental and other trials regarding this issue will be conducted according to GEP principles. The Confirmation states the areas in which GEP guidelines will be applied: field and vegetable crops, seed treatment, greenhouses, storages, and laboratory testing in line with efficiency testing. Dr. Radivoje Jevtić and Dr. Goran Malidža were responsible for the implementation of this standard at the Institute, with the contribution from other team members: MSc Mirjana Lalošević, MSc Željko Milovac, BSc Filip Franeta and MSc Miloš Rajković.

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