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New EPPN (European Plant Phenotyping Network) International Projects Approved

European Plant Phenotyping Network 7th programme framework

During the following year, researchers from the Biotechnology Department will continue co-operation with colleagues from the Biological Research Center (BRC) and the Cereal Research Institute (CRI) through approved projects funded by the FP7 Program. These two institutions are included in the European network and have robotic platforms for contemporary evaluation of phenotypic traits during growth and development of plants.

Due to the ACCESS projects, researchers whose institutions do not have such systems are enabled to use this equipment freely, in order to improve and develop their research.

In addition to researchers from the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, the project will be joined by fellow researchers from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria and Research Center of Azerbaijan. Participants will be able to learn about the operation of the automated systems for indoor plant phenotypic assessment and to monitor set-up and course of the experiment during project cycle. This way, participants will be able to determine advantages and efficiency of the phenotyping system. Approved projects are related to the impact of drought and different concentrations of salts to development of plant root and shoot. The experiments will include wheat cultivars from different geographical locations (Austria, Azerbaijan and Serbia), which will provide more relevant information of a number of wheat cultivars’ tolerance to stress caused by different concentrations of salts in irrigated and drought conditions. The beginning of projects is scheduled for January 2014.

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