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Institute as a socially responsible company

Agriculture, being one of the most important branches of economy and of special state significance in the times of permanent recession, is greatly supported in seed company which is Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad.
Apart from significant results attained by the brand „NS Seme (NS Seed)“ at domestic and international markets, efforts of all employees at Institute were focused also on making contributions in charity actions. Considering the difficult economic crisis and extremely bad conditions in institutions of high state, national and social importance, the Institute’s management has reached a decision to help the ones in need. In relation to this, numerous charity actions were taken.

A number of institutions received help, among which were:  monastery Velika Remeta, monastery Tomić, monastery Sveta Petka Petkovica,  monastery Suvodol, monastery Hajdučica, special nature reserve Zasavica, home for LOMR „Srce u Jabuci (A Heart in an Apple)“, Home for handicapped children and adolescents in Veternik, Primary school „Dr Milan Petrović“ in Novi Sad, Agricultural school in Lešak (municipality of Leposavić), National Park Fruška Gora, Military institution Morović, Institute of Agricultural Economics in Belgrade, as well as few individuals.

In a joint effort with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management we have sent our truck loaded with corn seed so as to help people whose existence was endangered at the flooded area of municipality of Svilajnac. Together with Saša Dragin, PhD, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Institute’s representatives have visited the affected area and donated 600 planting units of NS corn hybrids.

As there are no limits to compassion and humanitarianism, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in cooperation with the Fund for Aid to Refugees, Expelled or Displaced Persons has organized donation of 1,300 planting units of corn to agricultural cooperatives of Serbian returnees to the Republic of Croatia. Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops will do its best in continuing development as a scientific institution and a seed company, but it will also always participate in charity actions, which have become a need and satisfaction of all employees.

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