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The fifth meeting of the Working Group on Grain Legumes (ECPGR)

Peti sastanak Radne grupe za zrnene mahunarke (ECPGR)ECPGR (The European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources) organized the fifth meeting on GLWG (Grain Legumes Working Group) in cooperation with Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad (Serbia) on 7th and 8th of May in Novi Sad. Total of 24 participants from 22 countries attended the meeting, which is much more than at the previous event held in Portugal in 2007. ECPGR representative from Rome, Mr. Lorenzo Maggioni was also present.

For the first time there were representatives from outside of Europe (Israel), and certain countries (Belarus, Estonia, Cyprus, Turkey and Ukraine) also participated at the meeting for the first time. Apart from them, representatives of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK were also present at the meeting. The importance of this meeting, apart from the number of delegates and long break since the last meeting of the working group, is the fact that this was the last meeting in this form. The plan is to change the structure of ECPGR which will lead to a different organization, most likely in a greater number of smaller groups.

During the two days of work the results achieved in phase VIII (2009-2013) and the goal of phase IX, which starts in 2014 and will last for four years, were presented. The most important topics were the state of legumes in EURISCO database, the AEGIS system, standards for operation in GenBank (FAO and AQUAS) and the way of work of future working group. Some national representatives exhibited significant changes since the last meeting of the working group as well as the current status of national collections.

Peti sastanak Radne grupe za zrnene mahunarke (ECPGR)Regarding the changes in operating structure, two coordinators for specific types of grain legume groups were proposed: beans, peas, chickpeas, faba bean, grass pea, peanuts, lentils, lupins, soybeans, cowpea. Representatives of Serbia were proposed to work with beans (Mirjana Vasić) and faba bean (Aleksandar Mikić). Apart from work with certain varieties, work within specific subject areas and their coordinators were proposed. The selected areas are: “Use of grain legumes in sustainable agricultural systems”, “Exchange of germplasm for evaluation in different agro-ecological environments”, and “Development of the AEGIS system quality”.

The former group chairman Mike Ambrose from Great Britain has agreed to manage the activities of the group in the upcoming transition period until a new work mode is established,  and Gérard Duc from France was re-elected as the vice-chair of GLWG. Members of the working group for Grain Legumes were informed about the location change of the ECPGR Secretariat, which moved from Rome to Global Crop Diversity Trust in Bonn, Germany, as well as EURICO moving to IPK, Gatersleben, Germany.

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